5 Common ignition interlock services



Ever wondered how many different types of ignition interlock services are out there?

If you already own an ignition interlock business, you might already be familiar with the 3 common services like, calibration, installation and removal, but there are 2 more services we'd like to discuss.

In today's article, we'll go over the 5 common ignition interlock services that all service centers provide to their customers.

1. Calibration

This service you may already be familiar with. Calibration of ignition interlock devices usually happens every thirty (30) days from the last calibration or the initial installation date, and doesn't take that long to complete.

The device is usually hooked up to either a calibration machine or laptop so all the system logs can be downloaded and sent to the monitoring company.

When the monitoring company receives the system logs, they investigate all failed breath tests which also includes false positives and may even take steps to notify the court system about it.

2. Installation

Here is another service type you might also be familiar with. Anytime someone is sentenced to have an ignition interlock device, they are sent a list of ignition interlock companies that are approved to do business in a particular state.

At this point they can choose any one of those companies from the list to do business with.

And get this, in the state of California, if you have more than one vehicle registered under your name, you will have to get ignition interlock devices installed in all of them.

3. Removal

This is certainly the best time for people anxious to finally get rid of their device and wipe the slate clean.

Once the individual has successfully completed their mandatory sentencing period, they can contact the ignition interlock provider to make an appointment to remove the device.

The individual can't remove the device themselves since it will be considered tampering, which can lead to more penalties and extension of the sentencing period.

4. Lockout

Similar to a calibration service, a lockout usually happens because the device has either passed it's calibration period or the individual has failed the breath test multiple times. In this case, the individual's car will not be able to start.

The individual can remedy the lockout by taking the handheld part of the ignition interlock device directly to their service center to have the lockout removed.

Other interlock companies, however, will usually provide a lockout code over the phone so that the individual is able to drive the car to their nearest service center for a lockout service.

5. Vehicle Swap

Although uncommon, there are some instances where an individual needs to remove the ignition interlock device from one vehicle and install it on another.

This process is called, vehicle swap, and it's intended for individuals experiencing mechanical issues with their car.

Keep in mind, the fees associated with vehicle swaps are expensive and depending on the ignition interlock provider they can charge a removal and installation fee instead of one "vehicle swap fee," which can quickly add up if you have a luxury car that requires a lot of wiring.

5 common interlock service
5 common interlock service
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